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11 little by littles in planning my new way of eating well

  written by Susanne Merz (reading time 7 min.) Eating is supposed to be fun and exciting. Food is given to us as an incredible gift to enjoy and celebrate.  We’re meant to eat in community and to have fellowship during a shared meal. When having family dinners (or flatmate dinners, meals with friends, etc.) on a regular basis, we develop a sense of integration, belonging and acceptance for who we are, which leads to better performance in all areas (work, social, creative, etc.) of life. STAPLES: You may want to begin by making a list of your staples (the foods you „have to have“ available at all times) and then make sure to integrate a stock of those things with a longer shelf life into your pantry, fridge or freezer - This way you don’t have to worry in stressful situations because you have everything at home to make a favorite meal, and even feed an unannounced visitor. Challenge: The new stock of staples needs to be fostered (restocked before running out). NEW FREEDOM: Now that yo

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